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Amazon Summer Splash Page

Piggybacking on the success of the Holiday Splash Campaign, Amazon engaged Fulcrum to have fun with the summer! We decided to create another splash page to compliment their best-selling products... and setup another photo-shoot, whose images were also utilized in other campaigns, further benefitting marketing dollars.

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Xbox LIVE Worldwide Marketing Campaign

Fulcrum created the idea of an Xbox Brand Ambassador, in the form of an Xbox Avatar, to sell Xbox LIVE Memberships, across all marketing platforms. In this concept, we enlisted an Xbox Personality to voice the Avatar, who guided users through the many benefits of an Xbox LIVE membership, and any other questions they may have based on all Xbox touch points. As a result of north American success, the project was distributed globally, also by Fulcrum.

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Xbox Ad Banners

As part of a larger Xbox international campaign for all worldwide territories, Fulcrum was asked to create an Ad Banner campaign, alongside its larger digital initiative. As part of this rollout, Fulcrum also performed all translation services, and animation and lip-sync of the Avatar.

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Microsoft Webcams Indoor End-Cap

Built and designed to compare various Microsoft Webcams, Fulcrum was tasked to design and build all digital and aesthetic functionality for the End-Cap, which was housed at all leading Microsoft retailers, such as Staples and Office Depot. Piggybacking on north American successes, Fulcrum was asked to also rollout the end-cap in leading overseas territories.

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Almond Latte Viral Game

Available on Facebook, Android and iOS platforms, the Almond Latte game was part of a viral campaign to promote Blue Diamond Almond Milk. The point of the game was to guide the waiter to catch the Iced Coffees falling from the sky. The campaign was such a success, there was follow up game to celebrate fall (no pun intended).

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